The idea of “The Future is Local” has gone from being a worthy aspiration to a movement with real momentum. Impact will be seen on how we live our lives from shopping to sports, entertainment and online purchasing.  Meaningful engagement with our local communities has become the new norm. Brands and media buyers need to recognize that new reality in media.

IRS+ asked Amárach Research to explore where local radio sits in terms of its long-terms influence on consumer priorities and engagement intentions. We’ve summarized the key findings in this short video:

New patterns of consumer behaviour and spending are embedded and here to stay. We will see this play out further in 2021.  Media consumption will continue to change,  The challenge for brands in 2021 centres on how to communicate with consumers in a way that manages to be engaging, empathetic and market-building. There is lots of talk about brands being “Authentic”. But how do you translate brand messages into something meaningful?

We would argue that the answer is local radio. During lockdown local radio continues to perform as a brand builder, delivers new, sustainable, market share and generates engagement with consumers. It’s intimacy, connectedness, credibility and popularity allows brand-owners direct access to consumers and a platform to influence spending.

These findings are significant for brands investing more in the medium and allows us to help them build authentic creative connections with communities around Ireland. If 2020 was about Surviving, 2021 is about Thriving.

Read the full report here

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