Languishing, the buzz word of the pandemic, is a sense of stagnation or, the technical term of feeling blah. Adam Grant’s recent New York Times article explores what he feels may be the dominant emotion of 2021: Languishing. As Grant writes, many people aren’t burned out. They aren’t depressed. They don’t feel hopeless. They just feel a little melancholy. A little adrift. In short, they’re languishing: Muddling through the day feeling somewhat sluggish and empty.

Our question to you…

Is your brand languishing? According to Grant languishing is “the void between depression and flourishing–the absence of well-being.” When you’re not functioning at full capacity. Although “languishing” has been applied in this case as a personal phenomenon, think about it for a minute from a brand’s perspective.  If you’re smart enough or brave enough to be honest, ask yourself some tough questions and you’ll soon know the answer.

  • Do you feel that your brand messages are fragmented and inconsistent?
  • Do you hear yourself occasionally say “we’ve always done it that way?”
  • Do you feel as though it’s hard to keep up never mind stand out?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, chances are your brand has lost a little bit of energy, a little bit of its magic. No brand wants to languish in mediocrity.

The good news?

The audio revolution is here. Brands have the opportunity to catapult out of mediocrity and into greatness by capitalising on the brand-building potential of audio assets. A brand’s ‘sound’ should be as integral to their DNA as their image or purpose and should not be just an afterthought.

Radio is thriving, especially since the pandemic, but is still the most underutilised media which, for many brands, brings about an opportunity to get greater bang for their buck.  Ebiquity’s 2018 study ‘Re-evaluating Media’ highlighted a discrepancy between perceptions and what the evidence says about the effectiveness of various media. The evidence shows performance of radio, which ranks a close second behind TV, was one of the most strikingly undervalued media, coming in only sixth in the perception of agencies and advertisers.

Now, more than ever, brands need a fresh, creative approach that will translate generic national messaging into brand engagement that feels authentically local and resonates enough with listeners to convert to purchase decisions.  Through radio, brands are finding niche communities to partner and co-create with, adding credibility and depth to their messaging.



To conclude, we help brands build authentic creative connections with communities through the power of local radio. With our IGNITE range of Ready to Go options we can offer promotions simultaneously across multiple communities and act as a considerable brand boost to an overall radio campaign via highly effective, targeted activity.

More brands are discovering how versatile local radio really is. Radio offers brands a creative and cost-effective opportunity to maximise brand building potential while maintaining positive balance between performance and brand marketing. Don’t let your brand languish. Rediscover radio with today.

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