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Brand consistency is the key to good employee engagement but what is the key to brand consistency? Radio, of course.

The significance of employee engagement should never be underestimated. According to the Harvard Business Review “highly engaged workforce can increase innovation, productivity, and bottom-line performance while reducing costs related to hiring and retention in highly competitive talent markets.” When employees are engaged, they are more likely to be emotionally invested in the work they do and, as a result, have a higher output level. Engaged employees are enthusiastic, have positive attitudes towards your company values, and take steps to positively enhance your company’s reputation. By contrast, disengaged employees do the bare minimum and, in extreme cases, may damage your company’s reputation. At this point, investing in employee engagement seems to be a no-brainer. What company does not want to increase productivity, quality of work and keep hold of their top employees?

Strategic brand engagement brings together all the elements of your brand, consumers, channel partners, and … employees. All too often the first three fall under the “marketing” umbrella while HR takes care of employees which can mean a lack of consistency across the board. You could try employee ambassador schemes, incentive programs or employee recognition programs, all of which have their individual merits. What is the silver thread running through each of these engagement programs? It’s your brand. So how do you get consistency across the board?

The answer is simple – make employee recruitment and retention part of your media plan. A recent report from Dentsu “Brave New Normal: Creative Trends 2021” suggests that, for brands, being directly connected to communities they wish to engage with is vital. Radio is a broadcast medium with the high appeal but is sometimes overlooked. It is cost-effective with low production cost and less cluttered than digital. What makes this medium perfect to entice new talent or reinforce your brand values with existing employees is the ability to reach listeners across demographics and in specific locations. Local, community-based brand messages are delivered daily to captive audiences by our native teams across Ireland.
Expert Connections

We believe Ireland is entering an employee market, a market awash with opportunity and foreign investment. Hardly a week goes past without the Tanaiste, Leo Varadkar, making another positive job creation announcement. Great news for Ireland’s economy but is it good news for your business?
Now, more than ever, brands need a fresh, creative approach that will translate generic messaging into a brand engagement that feels authentically local.

This perfectly positions IRS+, the media sales, and marketing hub that represents 15 independent radio stations across Ireland, to help brands connect directly with consumers locally in a meaningful, creative way.
At IRS+ we have put together the perfect package for recruitment and brand re-enforcement. Our ambition is to help you not only attract the top talent for your business but to keep the ones you’ve already got. We’ll work with you to determine the perfect blend of reach, frequency, and brand consistency.

Get in touch with us here and one of our highly experienced team will call you back.

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