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“It’s a simple fact. Local communities around Ireland have €60 billion purchasing power and represent a major revenue and market share opportunity for leading brands. However, tapping into that potential is easier said than done. Firstly, what is needed is an understanding of Local Radio as a platform that is regarded as a trusted source of information but which is also entertaining, distracting and digitally savvy. Secondly, the expertise to translate generic national messaging into brand engagement that feels authentically local and resonates enough with listeners to convert to purchase decisions.

That’s why we’ve launched IGNITE, a one-of-a-kind new suite of ready-to-go products that help brands waste no time in connecting directly with consumers locally. There’s nothing like it on the market”, says Peter Smyth, CEO of IRS+, the creative media sales and marketing hub that represents 15 independent radio stations across Ireland.


The new IGNITE range comprises four packages – Spotlight, Boost, Elevate and Burst. In addition, a newly devised range of Add-On Services titled Local Feed and Engage, offer additional flexibility and allow brand owners to tap into the power of social media and engagement with on-air competitions.


Check out the video below to see what the IGNITE range can do for your brand.


The popular flagship of the range, Spotlight has been enhanced and now features a two-minute content package supported by pre-promotional spots and live reads. This on-air content of locally relevant brand marketing messages adds value and depth to messaging. It supports traditional campaigns and presents an opportunity to deliver more complex, content-based messaging in a way that cannot be achieved through traditional advertising. As a result, brands have an opportunity to inform and change consumer behaviour or understanding, reflect their expertise by conveying valuable, useful, information and service to the community while also having an opportunity to engage with audiences about their environmental social or sustainable activities.


Another key factor that makes SPOTLIGHT appealing to brands is the local content production – it’s what makes it stand apart from just a regular campaign. Research shows that 85% of people feel that the presenters on local radio understand them better than on national.


79% agree that advertisements on local radio are more relevant to people like them. This is why production is so valuable. Also, Spotlight is highly flexible and can be deployed across any number of stations up to a maximum of 15 (however, IRS+ believes that between 10 – 15 stations is optimal to deliver on a national level).


Boost – for forensic targeting

In direct response to demand in 2020, this new 2021 product does at its title suggests. It provides a boost via a package that sells geographic clusters of promotions offering wide reach via forensic, geo-based targeting for specific regions. Importantly, this allows national brands achieve messaging with local tone and uniformity across stations. Pre promotions and stings will be scheduled to run in the same quarter-hour across the cluster of stations, increasing coverage and impact for the client.


Inherently versatile, it is possible to “Mix and Match” stations and these too can be sold in clusters. In addition, the clusters can be supported by a live Outside Broadcast from a client’s chosen station after Lockdown restrictions have been lifted and operating in a Covid compliant manner.


Elevate – attracting 25-44 market

Unlike traditional spot advertising, this product is based on programme listenership using Average Quarterly Hour figures to identify the best spot times for a particular target group. It comprises fourteen, 30 second spots and IRS+ reports that Elevate is especially helpful for brands focusing on the 25-44 age group.


Burst – entertainment as engagement

Emphasising the news and entertainment value of local radio, Burst is a new product which is available for one or three months. It allows brands to partner with a single show in a sponsorship with 4 spots near the hour. It is then advertised digitally across the Google display network with Facebook, Google and You Tube adverts. This drives live listens online and on-air, bringing more listeners to the sponsored show. The package also includes 60 promos per month, 12 live mentions and 16 spots per month minimum.


Add-On Services – Local Feed

With over 1 million social followers across Ireland, the social assets of IRS+ station network have a lot to offer brands. Each station’s social platforms act as a connector between the community and the listener.


A complementary extension of on-air advertising, Local Feed will deliver measurable engagement and results.

It includes development of assets, five sponsored Facebook posts across one week, campaign management, post promotion and campaign analysis


Add-On Services – Engage

IRS+ research has shown that listeners are engaged audiences with 42% taking part in a station quiz or survey. Engage drives participation from listeners which delivers direct engagement with the brand. It includes one social competition and one text in competition relevant to brand in context of an overall campaign. Participation prize to value of at least €100 per day for text in (€50) and social (€50) to be provided by brand.

Peter Smyth, CEO, IRS+ added: “If last year has taught us anything, it is that local is the new national and local is only going to get louder in 2021. Our new IGNITE range offers brands an opportunity to leverage our expertise to propel them directly into the heart of local community life in a way that is relevant, engaging and influential. We believe that it’s the savvy way for them to build sales and market share.”

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