The seismic changes of the past number of months has shaken up the communications industry along with everything we thought we knew about media.  Consumer behavior and habits have changed and brands are now pivoting and shifting their priorities with the majority coming to recognize the palpable shift toward local first in terms of consumer preference.

IRS+ commissioned Amarach Research to explore where local radio sits in terms of its long-terms influence on consumer priorities and engagement intentions, The results of the work from Gerard O’Neill and his team are very revealing. To quote, “Our research shows the power of local radio at a time when a growing share of consumer spending and shopping behaviours are now driven by a focus on local options.”

The results span three aspects of life in Ireland – the local media landscape, local business realities and local community priorities

  • The Local Media Landscape: How media consumption has shifted during the pandemic and why local radio is set to be a bigger part of the landscape in future.
  • Local Business Realities: As more consumer spending is re-distributed to sub-urban outlets and destinations, the role of local radio for advertisers will become more important.
  • Local Community Priorities: Adjusting to the ‘New Abnormal’ as seemingly temporary changes to behaviours become more permanent features of consumer markets, particularly benefiting local economies.

Peter Smyth, CEO IRS+ said: “2020 is the year local radio became a national force for change.  During the Lockdown period local radio was finally given the opportunity to show itself as a brand builder that could deliver new, sustainable, market share and generate an uncommon level of engagement with consumers. These findings are significant for brands investing more in the medium and allows us to help them build authentic creative connections with communities around Ireland.”

Download the full research results here 

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