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#TheShowSpotlight is a series where we put the limelight on your favourite radio shows across the IRS+ network. From breakfast shows to documentaries, there’s plenty to come, so keep your eyes, and ears, peeled!

For our next spotlight, we are happy to introduce you to The KCLR Daily, hosted by Brian Redmond and produced by Ethna Quirke.

The KCLR Daily represents KCLR’s mid-morning talk show. Launched in mid-October 2023 with a new three-hour format, it comprehensively covers key news stories and current affairs. The show has evolved into a platform that showcases the station’s endeavours, featuring contributions from various presenters, the News team, and key figures within the station.

Hosted by Brian Redmond, the well-known TV judge from RTE’s Dancing With The Stars, the program has become a go-to space for listeners to stay informed about the day’s news while enjoying great music. It also serves as a platform for our audience to express their views.

Produced by Ethna Quirke, whose extensive background in talk radio complements Brian’s inquisitive nature and sense of fun, the format is designed to be varied, flexible, and unique within the Irish radio landscape. It acts as a hub to spotlight all the exceptional work carried out by the station.

Check out some of the snippets of the show below:





Brian Redmond, The KCLR Daily Host, and Ethna Quick, The KCLR Daily Producer

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