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One of the most important words in marketing is opportunity. It is about those times of the year when something which, although unplanned, suddenly becomes a priority.

For instance, many brands will be wondering about whether the lifting of post Covid restrictions will lead to the splurge of 1920’s style pent-up spending that so many forecasters have predicted. Household savings due to limited spending and socialising opportunities are expected to lead to a significant consumer boom before the end of the year.

The gradual rollout and progress made with vaccinations promises to bring back a little bit of pre-pandemic normality, and with that a normal economic life. While it is a brave choice to hold back and see how the market responds, we can GUARANTEE, that when you need radio, we’ll be here – and quickly.

Let us introduce you to some of the people who’ll be working with you:

Rebecca will help develop your brief to ensure that you’re getting the results you need from radio. She’ll start planning options and costs for you.


Gail will then take control delivering creative flair and will be there with you as your point of contact every step of the way.


Katie is our optimisation guru and she’ll make sure that your budget is maximised across your chosen stations giving your brand optimal reach across your core target audience.


We help brands build authentic creative connections with communities through the power of local radio. With our ready-to-go IGNITE range of options we can offer promotions simultaneously across multiple communities, quickly and efficiently. Our agile team will get your brand message to air quickly and seamlessly, helping you to respond to emerging trends as the unknown unfolds.

Peter Smyth, CEO, IRS+ said “If last year has taught us anything, it is that local is the new national and local is only going to get louder in 2021. Our new IGNITE range offers brands an opportunity to leverage our expertise to propel them directly into the heart of local community life in a way that is creatively relevant, and predicted by experts to be the most engaging, influential approach that companies can take.”

Find out more about our ignite product range here.

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